Peer Pressure Is Not Cool, It’s A Weakness

25 May

Many teenagers find it impossible to say no to alcoholic drinks. They also find it hard to say no to weed or any other type of drug. Why is it so hard? Maybe because all or most of their close friends do it. Or, because the people they want to be friends with do it. That is called peer pressure. When you let your friends or anyone talk you into drinking or doing drugs, it makes you look weak. You’re obviously not strong enough or confident enough to say no. If you really don’t want to do something or know you shouldn’t be doing that something, then buck up and say no! People who are willing to pressure you into doing something you’re not supposed to do, are not good friends. If they say you’re a baby for not drinking or smoking, just laugh it off. If they say you’re weak for not trying, just laugh it off. Only the strongest people can walk away from peer pressure. Sometimes saying no is the wisest and strongest thing you can say.


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