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I Just Wish I Had It In Me

13 Apr

    For far too long I’ve been hiding behind my words wishing I could come out and speak my mind verbally. But I never can, and when I try, I’m not taken seriously. It makes me mad knowing I have no type of influence on anybody. I could suggest something to a friend but someone always has something better to say! What is it about me that makes my words less important than other people? I know I’m not the best at giving advice but I can honestly say I try my hardest. There’s always someone better than me! I tell everyone that I have confidence, that I believe in myself, but in reality, I’m not that confident and I’m inscure.  Any advice?


I Need Some Advice

12 Apr

I’m working on a story and I need feedback so I’ll know to keep writing or to trash it. It’s about a high school girl who keeps having weird dreams about mystical creatures. She falls in love with a guy who is a vicious yellow eyed canine who is in all of her dreams.

          I was scared to death as I ran down the dark alley behind the corner store. My eyes were blood shot and my face was covered in perspiration. I had no idea why I was running and I had no idea why I was so scared. Something in my head kept saying, “He’s going to get you! Don’t stop!” What was I running away from? Or who was I running away from? The streets were dark and bare. I began to run out of breath as I got to the end of Willery Road, a street that has a horrific history. A history of violence, death, and imminent betrayal. I came to a stop and coughed up some green fluid. What is this? I thought. It was thick and slimy. My chest was too tight, I couldn’t run anymore. I wiped the excess fluid off of my mouth and turned around slowly. I heard footsteps, but where were they coming from? I made a full circle where I was standing but I didn’t see anyone or anything. My body began trembling. I had no idea what to do. There was nowhere to go nor was there anyone to talk to. A low growl took over my ears that made my heart jump. All around me was fog that had appeared in an instant. The growl had become louder. I stood in the street as still as I could get, too scared to make a move. “Who’s there?” I called out into the fog. I received no answer, just another growl. “What do you want?” I asked. Still no response. I heard the growl again, this time with the footsteps. They were heavy footsteps, nonhuman footsteps. My heart started beating fast and my chest got tighter. I wanted to run away but felt I couldn’t. Something was keeping my feet planted on the ground. The growl and the footsteps got louder and closer. I opened my mouth to scream, but before I could, I was face to face with a hairy beast. A vicious beast with red pierced eyes and razor sharp fangs. His eyes pierced into my soul. Tears of weakness and freight rolled down my face. The beast growled its loudest growl and took a big bite of my arm. I screamed.

          I had awakened in the middle of the night panting, terrified of the dream that had just occurred but glad to be alive and awake. I have been having that dream every night for the passed week. The reason why is unknown. I moved my hair out of my face and pulled the covers off of me. I stood up and looked into the mirror that sat right across from where I was standing. My entire face was red and hot. What is happening with me? I asked myself. I figured a glass of water would help me cool off. I went down the stairs quietly trying not to wake anyone in the house. When I got into the kitchen I heard a noise outside of the window above the stove. I froze in my tracks. The hard wood floor started shaking. “Mom!” I yelled. I felt like I was in the same position that I was in during my dream. I heard the noise again, only this time it was louder. What is that? I decided to be brave and walk over to the window. I took a deep breath in and moved the drapes so I could see outside. There was nothing there. As soon as I looked out the window the shaking had stopped. I covered my heart with my hand and turned around. I jumped and froze at the sight of a big black dog with yellow stained eyes. The dog was nothing compared to the vicious beast in my dream. But it was still scary. I forced my eyes closed and when I opened them the dog disappeared. Something really weird was happening and I had no idea why.

This is just the prologue. Would it be too similar to Twilight?

Teen Advice

7 Apr

In high school, there is always that one cute boy with the dreamy eyes and killer body. You want him, but you feel he will never be interested in a girl like you. He’s the star football player, captain of the basketball team, or the student council president. And you’re just the quiet innocent girl who rarely gets acquainted with good looking boys. It gets frustrating observing him from afar without knowing him. When you first noticed the handsome young man, you came up with a plan, maybe even several. Plans to sweep him off his feet or plans to just say one word to him. When the timing seems perfect to just go up to him and say hi, your nerves get the best of you and you regret it later. For the rest of the school year you promise to talk to him, but the school months go by swiftly as you continue to procrastinate. You begin to doubt your confidence and decide to forget about the cute boy. “We’ll never be together.” Is what you say to yourself. Then you will find yourself in the same exact position the next year. I’ve been in this situation several times since my first year in middle school. There was always that one guy I thought was drop dead gorgeous. But I thought we could never be together. Thinking things like that lowers your self confidence and with no self confidence you can’t accomplish much of anything. You’ll start to believe that everyone else is better than you, you’ll feel awkward around strangers, and soon you will start to settle for any guy that is willing to be in a relationship with you. And sometimes just settling for a guy is not the wisest thing to do. Young hearts are fragile and can be damaged for a life time if broken by some guy you decided to settle for. You should keep your head up and move on when someone rejects you. Of course you will be hurt but don’t let the pain take over your heart, if you do, all that will be left is a broken heart in every relationship you have. With a broken heart and no confidence, you will never be able to get the guy of your dreams. Be strong and have the confidence it takes to be yourself and I promise the change will be visible to any guy you want.

Hello world!

7 Apr

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