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A Toothpick Too Large?

24 May

In the modern day model world, a size four is too large. Now, I’m a size five and I’m considered skinny amongst my peers. Am I too large to be a model? Looking in the mirror I would think that I’m a perfect fit for a model. But exactly what is too large? The model industry has put some young minds under a remarkable spell, making them think that they have to be basically anorexic to even attempt to be a model. I love fashion magazines, and I don’t know about you but I don’t want to look at toothpick sized girls in designer clothes. They look sick! At least some of them do. What the fashion industry needs to realize is that they need healthy looking models. I read in Vogue that they are trying to change the look of their models. They might try to change the age limit at which young women can model. But is it better for a 27 year to look anorexic and not a 17 year old? These models are idols for some young girls. They look at them and instantly want to be them. But are they good role models? The industry basically tells women that they have to look a certain way and be a certain size to be beautiful. Well, they obviously refuse to come face to face with the fact that beauty comes in different shapes and sizes. I’m not talking down on any women who are sizes 0-3 and I’m definitely not trying to offend people that have anorexia. I’m just trying to understand why toothpick sized women are in high demand in the fashion industry when there are other sizes in the world! If they keep advertising clothes with tiny women in them, how will the clothes look attractive to heavier women? They might look at them and think that they are too large to wear them.